I am Malala


I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and was Shot by the Taliban

Malala Yousafazi


Orion Books 

Lexile Code: 1000 L

Malala, a fifteen year old from Pakistan, is a passionate believer in education for girls and boys. The day she stood up for her rights, everything changed.  Read the story of what one girl did for her rights and her education which has changed the way the world sees this topic.


Describe how a narrator’s or speaker’s point of view influences how events are described.

Suggested Delivery: Read aloud grade 5

A guide to the book found here is a great tool to use chapter per chapter, as it contains ideas and good questions to use for discussion with the class.

The video found here of Malala being interviewed on The Ellen Show would be a great tool to incorporate into the classroom, as it is such a powerful interview and seeing and hearing Malala and her family would be great for the students to further develop a connection to the text.

Teaching Suggestions:

  • Vocabulary is an essential part to reading. A great activity to do with this book to build on vocabulary would be to have students look up the words in the dictionary, write it down, then use it in their own sentence.
    • Banter-To playfully and friendly tease back and forth
    • Chaos-Complete disorder and confusion
    • Fickle-Changing frequently
    • Oblige- To bind someone do an action
    • Console- To comfort
    • Partake- To join in
  • Comprehension is the goal in reading.  It is important to focus on comprehension before, during, and after reading a story.  The following activities can be done throughout the journey a student takes reading this book in order to support the level of comprehension reached:
    • Before reading the story, a great activity for students to develop schema would be to complete a KWL on the following words the teacher will right on the board.  “Education, Middle East, Women.”  Students will fill out the KWL about these three ideas before reading.
    • During reading, an activity which will support the comprehension of the students would be to have the students sit in a small group and discuss what they think will end up happening to Malala.  This book specifically would be a great one to do that with as its plot is a great one for small group discussions.
    • After reading, having students watch the interview between Ellen and Malala would be a great way to conclude the novel, as seeing Malala and hearing her speak about what the class had just read would be an awesome concluding activity.
  • A conclusive writing activity is a great way to wrap up this novel.  Having students respond to the following question in a short essay would be a great way to finish the reading of this story.  “Why does Malala believe in the power of a voice to be able to change the world?  What did Malala’s voice do for the world?”

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